RC JobGroup Materials

The JobGroup for Rhetoric and Composition students seeking employment meets on Thursdays at 3 unless there is a Hutton Lecture. The calendar will be distributed at the first meeting on August 18 at noon.

The links below lead to sites helpful in the academic job search for Ph.D. students in Rhetoric and Composition.

Because this is a dynamic site, please suggest new links you find that may also be helpful.

Finding Job Searching Advice and Sample Materials

Advice Columns and Articles
Sample Materials and Advice about Materials

Advice on Writing Specialized Documents (i.e., documents not required for every academic application)

Locating Academic Job Ads

Professional Organizations
Educational News & Job Listings
Job Aggregators [relist jobs from other places]

Researching Prospective Employers

When institutions ask to see a writing sample, they have a definite interest. If you did not research a school before sending out your applications, you want to research the school that asks for more materials at this time. While online information may be out-of-date, it is normally more current than the information you would find in the college catalogs at the Undergraduate Library [and to check you can look for the most recent date of updating].

If you are researching a number of schools, you might want to use directories of websites to locate schools, departments, and programs:

You may also want to find out general information about the colleges/universities: